Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rayona models the amazing Paper Feather Gown created by Brazilian born, Seattle gone to Los Angeles Designer Anna Dicklhuber. This dress was created as an emcee gown for Rayona in April 2011 for the last ReStore Fashion Shows at New York Fashion Academy in Ballard, where Anna graduated. Built upon a salvaged plastic table cloth base, Anna carefully hand-cut thousands of feathers from wrapping and tissue paper she recycled from a display window and attached them all by hand. Absolute Couture... from absolute waste. The dress is being modeled here at the East Hawaii Cultural Center's Trash Fashion Show, produced by Rayona in Conjunction with Ira Ono's EHCC Art of Trash Exhibit at the Imiloa Science and Astronomy Center at University of Hawaii, Hilo, in October 2011.