Monday, September 7, 2009

The River Raft Rendevous, created from a 2 man river raft found along the Willamette River outside Eugene, Oregon on a hike one summer, and carried for miles back to the car to create this gown worn by Rayona at the Junk to Funk Trash Fashion Competition in Portland 2006 Photos courtesy Junk to Funk
In the limelight

On tour with Aqua Chauatuqua
Photo by Anna Ramsey

Ready to set sail
Photo by Joshua Sage

my 2010 calander page
model: Erin McNamara
Photos by Rachel Olsson
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jasmine models the Bumbershoot (admissions gate) Table Skirt, tiered table skirting with deer netting bussle combined here with the Moisture Festival B&W Poster Corset. A Tribute to the Seattle Performing Arts Festivals. OCF 2009 Photo by John Cornicello

BJ shows the "bussle out back" of the Pride of Washington Burlap Seed-Potato Bags skirt and Faux Forest Green Velvet Jacket created from a flocked air bed skin. Hat was picked up off I-80 near Sacramento during bumper to bumper traffic. OCF 2009 Photo by John Cornicello

Sophie sports the latest summer sundress sensations... Chairwear! Designed from a broken folding striped canvas camp chair. Tiny top hat created from inverted cup holder. OCF 2009
Photo by Michelle Bates

Roy Charon in the Matrix Coat
Hilo, Hawaii 2010 Photo by Cher Glass

The Matrix coat created from a large Zipper and Buckle-on Nylon Roof Rack Carry-all pulled from the trash in front of a motel in Bend, Oregon, with it's blown out steel belted tire epaulets collected off I-5 just south of Tacoma on the same road trip which destroyed the designer suitcase used in the lower portion of the coat and in the next ensemble...
Bellingham RE Store Show 2009 Photos by Danny Gawlowsky of the Bellingham Herald.

Joselyn models "War Wear" with it's vest created from the skin of a designer suitcase that flew off Prima Debris' car roof rack on I-5 just south of Tacoma and an old army parachute skirt and matching tuban, the veil was crafted from the inner net pocket of the suitcase.
Seattle RE Store Show 2009
Photos by Jim Mercure

Rayona and the Chic' Sheik at Burning Man
Sheik Kenny wears the Matrix coat
while Rayona models War Wear
Photos by Kristie Maxim

Rayona and Holly fix the details before the show on the ReStore's recycled bowling alley floor runway. Rayona in the Chanel Garment Bag Gown and Holly In the Truck Tire Inner Tubes ensemble known as " Inner Tubes for the Outer You". 2003 Photo by Nikos

Back View
Gown was sewn entirely by hand with recycled threads.
Photo by Nikos

Chanel Garment Bag Gown 2009
w/Toaster Purse
Photo by John Cornicellow/ "Yuk" Fur coat crafted from discarded Santa Hair and Beards
Photo by John Cornicello

w/ little black Chanel bag and styrofoam pear cozy cuffs
Photo courtesy of Bellingham Herald

To see Janice Dickinson wearing the Chanel Garment Bag Dress
and other Haute Trash on the Hollywood Green Carpet Runway
as featured on her TV show in fall of 2008, follow this link:

Inner Tubes for the Outer You
Holly wears an old truck tire inner tube as a jacket and another one as a skirt on the ReStore recycled bowling alley lane runway 2003. Photo by Nikos

Rayona in the Pond Liner ensemble and the truck tire inner tube jacket
at the ReStore Gala 2007. Photo by Nikos

Erin backstage and rockin' the runway at Habitude in the Pond Liner ensemble 2006
Photo by Kristie Maxim

Align Center

Aveda Products Packaging Gown created for the Arts Ballard Trash Fashion Show sponsored by ReStore and Habitude Salon. Melted Shampoo bottle magnolias balance on the shoulders of the epaulets of the detached collar. Designed and modeled by Rayona 2006

Pink "Drink" Tickets Cocktail dress modeled by Andrea at the 2006 Habitude Show. Hundreds of pink drink tickets were collected after a popular party in Seattle and layered into this fabulous gown with it's pink hand-screened poster wide-belt and pink edged broken strainer hat. Part of the broken strainer makes up the necklace. Photo by Kristie Maxim

Chako get's an important call just before she models the aqua-dynamically designed safety swimwear cork bra with a vest and miniskirt designed from old unsafe life preserver skins.
2006 Photo by Kristie MaximJeanne is a vision in the "Sharkskin" Jacket created from a worn-out textured blue-grey showercurtain and accented at collar, cuffs and hem with spotted clear plastic shower cap. Her crown is crochet red "Danger" tape and her necklace is a vintage chain of folded juicyfruit gum wrappers created by Rayona's mom in the 70's. Photo by John Cornicello
ReStore Trash Fashion Show 2007

Cuban Cigar wrappers, carefully collected by a connousier and donated to Rayona became this stunning mini dress. Each band was glued meticulously to a paper framework in the pattern of bandelero gun belts. Hat is an old black "moon" hubcap accented with more cigar bands. Modeled by Erin at the ReStore Trash Fashion Show 2007 Photo by John Cornicello

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Seattle City Councilman Peter Steinbruck as Austin Powers flirts it up with Haute trash models during the Trash Bash at Seattle Art Museum 2006
Photo by John Cornicello

Red Yoga Balls Mini and Compost Bags Suit by Prima Debris, Wristbands Mini Dress by Rayona Visqueen Photo by John Cornicello

Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park Banner Jacket and Museum Rubbish Skirt commisioned by SAM and modeled by Mimi Gates 2006 at the Trash Bash to benefit International Sustainable Institute held at the Seattle Asian Art Museum
Photos by John Cornicello

The jacket being worn by Mimi at the opening of the Olympic Sculpture Park in 2007

See the opening here:

Oregon Country Fair 2001
Kaya rocks the mod little day glo mini dress created from hundreds of neon colored disposable wristbands all zig-zag stitched together... underneath the Big Hot Pink Inflatable Easychair Coat. The chair was actually popped back of this stage at the fair! Photo by John Cornicello

Nancy models an ensemble created from an destroyed inflatable queen size airbed, the wrap around pants showcase the inner baffle chamber accents. Her cap sports the blow-up valve and suggests in 19 languages that this mattress should not be used as a life saving device.
Photo by John Cornicello

Gillen in Umbrellas at Oregon Country Fair 2009
In 2007 we launched the International Wear Your Broken Umbrella Campaign, and now 2 years later, we are proud to spy folks across the nation catching on to this new trend in environmentally friendly fashion. Photo by John Cornicello
People... wear your broken umbrellas!
Photo by Ron Lee

Snack Size Fritos Bags collected at the Greenhill Boys Penitentary during lunch while Rayona was on tour with the New Old Time Chautauqua became this luscious little salsa dress.
Photos by John Cornicello

Oregon Country Fair 2001
Sierra models the second rendition of the 1988 Addictive Personality Ensemble complete with a Jacket of Lions coffee bags, Cracker Jacks & Haagen das wrappers. Top is a Virgin Records CD bag and skirt is camel straights packaging. Created by Rayona between 1988 and 1993.
Photo by John Cornicello

Rayona in the Spanish Dancing Gown created from Big Island Tortilla wrappers.
Photo by Eva Lee

Rayona as emcee at the Kona Brewfest trash fashion show wearing Kettle chip bag end rolls. 1995

Rayona Models the disposable aluminum turkey pan revolutionary war hat with ostrich feathers (discarded by the ostrich) and pulled from the trash at UHH theater. Her top is black plastic adorned with plastic 6 pak rings.

Rayona being pinned into the pop-top kitty food can lid gown (cutting edge fashion... ouch)
Also shown: Lynneolium in the Celery Bags Gown (her own design)and Suz as our helper.1999

wearing the Red and Purple Onions bags ensemble