Sunday, September 6, 2009

Aveda Products Packaging Gown created for the Arts Ballard Trash Fashion Show sponsored by ReStore and Habitude Salon. Melted Shampoo bottle magnolias balance on the shoulders of the epaulets of the detached collar. Designed and modeled by Rayona 2006

Pink "Drink" Tickets Cocktail dress modeled by Andrea at the 2006 Habitude Show. Hundreds of pink drink tickets were collected after a popular party in Seattle and layered into this fabulous gown with it's pink hand-screened poster wide-belt and pink edged broken strainer hat. Part of the broken strainer makes up the necklace. Photo by Kristie Maxim

Chako get's an important call just before she models the aqua-dynamically designed safety swimwear cork bra with a vest and miniskirt designed from old unsafe life preserver skins.
2006 Photo by Kristie MaximJeanne is a vision in the "Sharkskin" Jacket created from a worn-out textured blue-grey showercurtain and accented at collar, cuffs and hem with spotted clear plastic shower cap. Her crown is crochet red "Danger" tape and her necklace is a vintage chain of folded juicyfruit gum wrappers created by Rayona's mom in the 70's. Photo by John Cornicello
ReStore Trash Fashion Show 2007

Cuban Cigar wrappers, carefully collected by a connousier and donated to Rayona became this stunning mini dress. Each band was glued meticulously to a paper framework in the pattern of bandelero gun belts. Hat is an old black "moon" hubcap accented with more cigar bands. Modeled by Erin at the ReStore Trash Fashion Show 2007 Photo by John Cornicello

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