Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rayona and Holly fix the details before the show on the ReStore's recycled bowling alley floor runway. Rayona in the Chanel Garment Bag Gown and Holly In the Truck Tire Inner Tubes ensemble known as " Inner Tubes for the Outer You". 2003 Photo by Nikos

Back View
Gown was sewn entirely by hand with recycled threads.
Photo by Nikos

Chanel Garment Bag Gown 2009
w/Toaster Purse
Photo by John Cornicellow/ "Yuk" Fur coat crafted from discarded Santa Hair and Beards
Photo by John Cornicello

w/ little black Chanel bag and styrofoam pear cozy cuffs
Photo courtesy of Bellingham Herald

To see Janice Dickinson wearing the Chanel Garment Bag Dress
and other Haute Trash on the Hollywood Green Carpet Runway
as featured on her TV show in fall of 2008, follow this link: