Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jasmine models the Bumbershoot (admissions gate) Table Skirt, tiered table skirting with deer netting bussle combined here with the Moisture Festival B&W Poster Corset. A Tribute to the Seattle Performing Arts Festivals. OCF 2009 Photo by John Cornicello

BJ shows the "bussle out back" of the Pride of Washington Burlap Seed-Potato Bags skirt and Faux Forest Green Velvet Jacket created from a flocked air bed skin. Hat was picked up off I-80 near Sacramento during bumper to bumper traffic. OCF 2009 Photo by John Cornicello

Sophie sports the latest summer sundress sensations... Chairwear! Designed from a broken folding striped canvas camp chair. Tiny top hat created from inverted cup holder. OCF 2009
Photo by Michelle Bates